Worth the fix?

Worth the fix?

What a horrible thing to happen to your tablets.  You purchase these for your sweet, precious, well rounded children, and then they throw them across the room at each other!  We get it.  It happens.  One mother was willing to pay almost anything to get them fixed for her kids.  The pictures and games they purchased, were something the mother didn’t want to lose.

After doing a little quick research, we found that it would cost her more to replace the broken screens than it would to buy refurbished tablets.  Replacing the screens are tricky and time consuming.  If something goes wrong in the process, the price of labor could almost double.  The mother was worried about the data on the broken tablets.

[blockquote author=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]I really want the pictures and games they had on the tablets[/blockquote]

Completely understandable.  At this point, our job would be data recovery.  It’s simple to recover the data, and put them on the new tablets.  And with the google play store, once you log in and buy certain apps and games, they are purchased forever, no matter what device you log in to.  So she’s covered on those aspects.

Great news for this consumer though!  She called Samsung and she’s covered for the screen replacement under her warranty!!  Phew!  That was a close one.


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