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Facebook For Business Pro-Tip: Post More Photos!

Facebook For Business Pro-Tip: Post More Photos!

Are your posts getting nowhere on Facebook?

You have this great deal that you want to share with an audience of people that are looking for your product, and you want to SHOUT IT TO THE WORLD!  But don’t!  Do not use all caps to get your point across.  People don’t generally stop their scrolling to read what you have to shout.

And those posts that are three… paragraphs… long… it’s simply too much to read!  Keep your posts short (about 40 characters) and sweet and add a photo or two.

All Caps post
5 Reasons to Make The Switch to VoIP

5 Reasons to Make The Switch to VoIP

I’m guessing since you’re reading this post, that you’ve been thinking about switching to VoIP for your company’s telecommunication.  But maybe you’re not sure how to go about it…  Or maybe the thought of switching your business entire phone service is terrifying.

Take a deep breath… switching is easier than you think, and the switch could even increase your employee’s productivity.  Below are five reasons to make the switch to VoIP.

1. VoIP Saves You Money

Why is VoIP so much cheaper than Landline? The answer is simple, VoIP does not require a separate technology to implement.  All that is needed is internet service, which your business is already utilizing.

The single most expensive thing about a phone bill is the minutes.  VoIP treats your conversations as data processing over the internet.  In these times, broadband is cheap and easy to get, so VoIP appeals to businesses that want to cut costs and use existing resources more efficiently.

2. More Features

There are a plethora of features that VoIP offers. Listed below are just a few that our service offers:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Extension Dialing
  • Music On Hold
  • Ring Groups
  • Number Porting
  • Virtual Office for Android/Iphone
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Call Waiting
  • Internet Fax
  • Voicemail to Email

With these features, we have seen companies improve employee productivity.  One of our clients does Senior In-Home Healthcare and would have employees call into a number immediately after visiting a client to leave an update on what happened during the visit.  These were often left as messages and transcribed by another employee and placed in the client’s file.  But with the voicemail to email feature, they were able to completely remove the transcribing responsibility from that employee and put them on other projects.

3. Outdated Equipment

One of the biggest reasons people are making the switch to VoIP is outdated equipment. They’ve had their phone system for 10 or more years, and when issues arise, they can’t find anyone who knows how to service them.  And if they do find someone, it costs an arm and a leg to get the job done, with no guarantees of perfect functioning phones after service.

With VoIP being on the internet, you’ll receive automatic updates so that your system is never out of date.  And when it’s not working properly, we offer exceptional customer service.

4. Connect Multiple Locations

Businesses with multiple locations often have multiple phone systems. Different number, different bills and increased support costs.

But with StevensLabs VoIP service, you have the ability to dial extensions between offices, share a call group, have serviceability in the event one location experiences an outage and utilize extension mobility.


5. Reliability

VoIP has come a long way over the years. Businesses used to be scared of dropping calls over the internet and poor call quality.  But in the last 5 years, VoIP service providers have made huge strides.  Our partner service provider, Nextiva, now offers HD Voice as a feature, and it’s just like any other HD, once you’ve heard it, you’ll never want to be on a regular call again.

We do want to caution placing a phone system with many phone lines into a building with low internet bandwidth.  Issues can arise with call quality and reliability if your service provider doesn’t properly test your network.  Because we are your first point of contact when service issues arise, we make sure that the internet speeds aren’t a problem from the beginning.  We test your network and create Quality-of-Service capabilities on the firewall to prioritize internet traffic.


Sometimes making the switch is a little bit scary.  But can you keep affording to throw away time and money on that old analog system?  StevensLab’s affordable VoIP solution is what you’ve been looking for.  Pick up phone and dial something new.


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Get Your Website Working For You

Get Your Website Working For You

I’m sure most of our clients already know, but I have started working at the Dunnellon Business Association as their Assistant Executive Officer in March of this year.  I am in charge of membership and running the Visitor Center.  This position is only part time and has lot of challenges ahead, but the part that makes me most excited is that I get to work on and really tweek it to my liking.

The DBA has recently come out with a new program called Passport To Dunnellon.  See, in our small town of Dunnellon, FL we have the beautiful Rainbow River.  During the Summer time, our tiny town is overrun with people coming to enjoy the crystal clear waters that come out of the Head Spring and travels south.  About 80% of travelers are tubers who will enter the river at the top, float four hours to the tuber’s exit and then get back into their cars to stay and eat in Ocala.  Our Passport Program is a free Welcome/Discount card that we want offer to visitors to entice them to stay and eat here, in Dunnellon.  Though the passport is free, we do want a little bit of information about the visitor, mostly where are they from?  And why are they here?

But how will I get this information?  Have them fill out a paper form before receiving the card?  Then I’ll have to decipher their handwriting and enter that information somewhere…  This sounds extremely time consuming.  And since I have a lot to do, and only part time hours to do it in, I need to find another way.

So then I began to think about how I can use the website to collect the information I need.  Josh and I had implemented a “kiosk” at Dunnellon Jewelry Pawn where users could review the store while checking out.  If I could get Josh to create a ghost page on DD (one that isn’t visible to people randomly searching through our site) with a form asking for this information, then I could save myself lots of time by using a “kiosk” tablet to ask the questions for me.  Once a visitor has submitted the form on the website, all the information would immediately be emailed to me where it’s already typed out and ready to review.

There are so many other ways to get your website to work for you.  E-Commerce is one of the most obvious ways, but taking reservations online or submitting testimonials are other creative ways to get your website to be more than just a design.

What Is Web Hosting?

What Is Web Hosting?

So you’ve decided that your website needs a rebuild, and you found a great company to do it for you.  The price is right and their portfolio of websites look amazing.  But then they tell you that there will be a monthly hosting fee.  The fee is WAY more expensive than the hosting you’ve paid in the past, and you don’t understand why.  You’re thinking that you’ll just stick with what you’re used to.  Probably using GoDaddy for your hosting.  If you do that, you’re looking at a 2-year life span of your website before it completely stops functioning.

Hosting is defined as “A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web” –

So basically hosting is the cost associated with where your website lives.  So why is it so expensive with the new web developer?

Let look at hosting in terms of “rent”.  When you are “renting” (hosting) on places like GoDaddy for dirt cheap, it’s like renting in a high rise in the city.  And not a nice one either.  This rental doesn’t come with any fixes.  So if you’re A/C goes out (or if your contact form stops working) you better know how to fix it.  Or when you call an A/C guy to come and repair it, you’re paying by the hour.  Web developers typically charge $100 – $125 per hour to fix a broken site.

If you’re host with your web developer, when things break, you’re likely to not even know.  It’ll be fixed before you even see the problem. 

With a Web Developer, “renting” (hosting) is like renting a nice place where the A/C is fixed before you even know it’s broken.  Your Web Developer has likely done preventative maintenance to make sure the A/C never stops working.  Not only that, but your Web Developer has opted to hang pictures (text and images) on the wall for you, anytime you need to change what’s already there.  Your Web Developer is even constantly updating the place for optimal speed and functionality.

If you have more questions or need more information, feel free to contact us!